Boosting Vocabulary is a Winning Choice

By: Olivia Romero

Did you know that simply “boosting” your vocabulary can benefit you at school, work, and in life? It’s true. You may be doubtful that something as simple as learning to use “new’ words could be beneficial, but the benefits are numerous.

Language - the words we use every day have power in them. And the more of them that you have at your disposal, when conversing with others, the more powerful your conversations and the image you present of yourself to others will be.

Did you know that your brain is a muscle and needs regular exercise to keep it healthy? But you cannot take your brain out for a set of “push-ups” or a run around the school track. Your brain needs constant “stimulation” in order to get the exercise it needs to be at its healthiest.

You can provide that stimulation to your brain with things that cause your brain to think, or challenge itself. The brain especially craves new information to get the “juices” flowing. “Feeding” your brain a daily dose of new words and definitions will keep your brain working at its best.

Boosting your vocabulary doesn’t have to be a difficult thing - like solving calculus problems. Neither does it have to be as boring as memorizing the dictionary. You can find books, online resources for free vocabulary materials, and even teach vocabulary through the use of games.

For a fun way to build your vocabulary skills at home, challenge your family members to a ”Vocabulary Face-Off.” You will need a dictionary to choose random words from, a piece of paper for each player, pencils or pens to write with, and a timer (a kitchen timer will work.)

Take turns choosing a word from the dictionary. Read aloud how the word is spelled and pronounced, as well as the definition of the word. Each player should write the word on their paper, making sure to spell it correctly.

Now set the timer for 30 to 60 seconds and see how many sentences you can create using the chosen word. When the timer sounds, each player reads his/her sentences aloud, and the winner is the player with the most sentences in which this word is used properly.

You can also make this game topic specific. For example, you could focus on vocabulary on ecology – or Edgar Allan Poe vocabulary words - or vocabulary for the Constitution - or any other topic that may be of interest to you. As you can see, this fun game is only limited by your imagination.

Strong verbal skills also come in handy when speaking to others. You will be able to present your ideas more clearly to your employer and peers.

The ability to converse with others with ease, not only improves your confidence; it earns the respect of others. Confidence, respect, ability, and effective communication skills are essential keys to success in today’s world.

Boost your vocabulary – be a winner!

With over 15 years experience writing video scripts and web copy, Olivia Romero has relied on an extensive and ever-growing arsenal of vocabulary. Discover the numerous benefits of, and tips for boosting your vocabulary at

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