Building A Better Vocabulary

By: Alex Martin

Building Vocabulary simply requires and encourages us to identify the right words to use in different circumstances. Words let a person convey his/her thoughts, opinions, and ideas. "When ideas fail, words come in handy," Goethe once affirmed. Vocabulary is significant in life. There are more than 600,000 words in the English lexicon and several are not known or used. Learning methods to augment vocabulary will assist you throughout your life, make understanding easier, and will allow you to state, with the correct terms what you sense or what you desire to speak.

Be Aware of Words

While we are reading a novel and a word comes of which we are unaware, we usually try to avoid it. Instead of ignoring such words, we must take a closer look at them. Initially, one should attempt to guess a word?s meaning from its situation, that is, the logic of the paragraph in which it is present; succeeding at that, look up the word's meaning immediately in a dictionary on hand. True, this slows down your reading, but your better knowledge of every new word will ultimately enhance your understanding of other words, making reading simpler.


As soon as you have become additionally conscious of words, reading is subsequently the vital step to escalate your acquaintance of words, since this is how you will discover majority of the words you must be studying. It is also the finest means to ensure the correct usage and understanding of the words you have previously learned. As you arrive at a word you have lately learned, and you recognize it, that verifies you have mastered its sense.

Use a Dictionary

A few points on how to do this as a component of a vocabulary-building plan are stated below:

Keep a dictionary where you habitually do your reading at home. You are more probable to make use of it if you do not have to find it from another room

Encircle the words you look up in the dictionary. After you have completed this for a while, your eye will obviously go to the words you have encircled every time you turn over pages in the dictionary. This will provide you a rapid type of revision.

Terms do comprise more than single meaning, and the meaning you require for the word you are looking up might not be the previous one specified in your dictionary. Still if it is, the different sense of the word will assist you in knowing the various styles in which the word can be used.

Study and Review Regularly

Once you have started looking up terms and you recognize which ones to learn, vocabulary construction is merely a subject of appraising the words often until you stick them in your reminiscence. Keeping away a particular amount of time every day for vocabulary learning best does this.

Maybe the vital feature in a thriving vocabulary-building plan is enthusiasm. It will be extremely hard for you to learn words every month with no strong emotion. It would definitely help to keep in one?s mind that a better vocabulary will aid you in school and on the work, and that it can well guide to a further thrilling and satisfying life

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