Increase Your Vocabulary Through Reading or Hearing a Book

By: Toni Grundstrom

When you sit down to read a magazine, an article on the Internet or listen to an audio book you are independently reading. Reading, because you want to not because you have to, from any of these mediums will increase your vocabulary. The reason independent reading promotes vocabulary growth is because you are exposed to new words and can become familiar with their meaning through the context of what you are reading. The greater the variety of your independent reading, the more vocabulary you will assimilate.

The following techniques will maximize the value of enjoying that book, either reading it or listening to it, and its link to vocabulary development.

1. Read or listen to different genres of books. Variety is the spice of life and it is also the key to increasing vocabulary. Mystery, science fiction, biography, sports, humor, inspirational, how-to books, history - all have their own vocabulary. Each topic area has particular words to describe both the objects that make up that world and the processes or actions that occur.

2. Practice, practice, practice. Learning a word won't help very much if you promptly forget it. Research shows that it takes from 10 to 20 repetitions to really make a word part of your vocabulary. As soon as you learn a new word, start using it.

3. Improve your context skills. Research shows that the vast majority of words are learned from context. To improve your context skills pay close attention to how words are used..

4. Work through a reading list. You can find reading lists by searching the Internet using "reading lists" as the search term. Stretch your comfort zone by finding new material in subject areas that are not as familiar to you as your usual reading choices.

5. Keep a notebook and jot down words you don't know. Look them up and write down the definition. This is a proven technique that works. By looking up the definition you are supplied with in-depth information about the word. You are also actively thinking and writing about the word which will aid in keeping it in your memory.

One of the best, and most enjoyable ways of adding to your vocabulary, is through independent reading. When you get excited about words and their meanings you will come to appreciate the sometimes-subtle differences between them. By sitting down and reading, or listening while on the go, you will increase your vocabulary using these techniques.

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