Vocabulary Boosting Techniques

By: Camilla Ricketts

A rich vocabulary is admired in a child and or teen. You can easily boost your child’s vocabulary by employing some very simple techniques.

First, encourage your children to read. Reading builds vocabulary like nothing else. It is best to read unabridged versions of classic texts. It is amazing how much of a difference there is when comparing the abridged to the unabridged versions. Common practice for abridged versions of text is to eliminate the back-story. Unfortunately, this also eliminates highly descriptive phrases which give a perfect opportunity for learning new words.

Start a vocabulary notebook and use a dictionary. When your child encounters a new word he should look it up then write the word and definition in his vocabulary notebook. Using the dictionary and performing the act of writing it down reinforces the word and its meaning.

Another way to reinforce new words is to incorporate them into your vocabulary. Read through the notebook daily and pick out a few words to use in conversations with your child.

I have seen my children’s vocabulary improve by leaps and bounds by using these techniques. They like to see if they can stump me with a word I don’t know. Stump the Mom games always encourage learning for my kids.

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