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neat, little fences along the side of the road; but whereas those in Munchkinland were blue, these were green.

They walked for a while listening to nature’s counterpoint—a softly hissing wind competed with songbirds for the treble, while distant, bovine lowing dominated the bass. Suddenly they noticed in the distant sky a beautiful green glow. “That must be the Emerald City!” cried Dorothy exultantly.

As they walked on, the heavenly, green nimbus became brighter and brighter, and it seemed that their journey was at last over. Still, it wasn’t until an hour later that they finally arrived at the huge, emerald-studded gate to the City. There was a bell beside it, and when Dorothy pushed it, they heard exquisite, silvery tintinnabulations that made them smile.

The great portal swung open, revealing the Emerald City in all its glittering glory. Awe-struck, the travelers stared at the coruscating wonderland until they heard a voice ask, “What do you wish in the Emerald City?”

Before them stood a little man about the same size as the Munchkins. When Dorothy told him they had come to see the Great Oz, the little man told Dorothy that the Wizard usually shunned the company of strangers, and that, in particular, curiosity seekers, members of the fourth estate and people with foolish requests greatly angered him. “And if Oz detects even a trace of guile, he will destroy you in an instant!” finished the man complacently, staring directly into Dorothy’s face.

The Scarecrow decided he had nothing to lose by interceding. “But our request isn’t foolish,” he said. “And we were told that Oz is a good wizard.”

“I’m the Guardian of the Gates, and since you demand to see the Great Oz, I must take you to his Palace,” said the man, obviating the need for any further debate. Relieved, and with a high sense of expectancy, Dorothy and her little retinue followed the Guardian of the Gates into the streets of the Emerald City.

Chapter 11 “The Emerald City”

Dorothy and her friends were dazzled by the brilliancy of Oz. Glittering emeralds studded the beautiful houses that lined the streets. Even the sidewalk sparkled because between the green marble blocks that formed it lay interposing rows of closely set emeralds glinting in the sunlight.

Now, most little girls reared in the modest, austere surroundings of rural Kansas might have found the ornate City garishly ostentatious, but Dorothy thrilled to its magnificence.

The Guardian of the Gates squired Dorothy through the streets, and her friends followed closely behind. The hoi polloi, looking mostly happy and prosperous, were milling about, and they stared at the travelers in wonder.

Many of the younger women had one or two docile youngsters in tow, but one poor woman suffered an obstreperous little girl, a refractory, sassy-mouthed little boy, a fractious bulldog, and a recalcitrant cat. When they saw the huge Lion, they all silently scampered behind the woman’s skirt.

Dorothy noticed that the City was made up mostly of cute little shops and tony restaurants. Splendid statuary adorned the front of one

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