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bandied about, but so far no one has postulated a credible theory. It’s a conundrum that may never be solved.

Dorothy suddenly became aware that Aunt Em and Uncle Henry were probably beginning to worry about her by now, so she asked how she might get back to Kansas. But knowing the Land of Oz was surrounded on all sides by vast deserts, the good Witch regretfully told her, “There is no way back to Kansas, so you will have to remain with the Munchkins forever.”

Dorothy was crestfallen. She wondered if this could be her comeuppance for her inadvertent act that had caused the Wicked Witch’s demise. Soon she began to cry because she felt lonely among such strange people. Her tears seemed to grieve the kind-hearted Munchkins, who became lachrymose and began pulling out handkerchiefs.

It suddenly occurred to the Witch of the North that perhaps the great Wizard of Oz himself might help Dorothy find her way home. “The Land of Oz is ruled by a benevolent but redoubtable potentate known as the Great Wizard, who lives in the Emerald City,” explained the good Witch. “His immense power is often touted as being more powerful that that of all the witches put together. Perhaps he might help you find a way back to Kansas.”

Dorothy immediately seized upon this opportunity and asked how she might get to the Emerald City. The good Witch answered, “The Emerald City is located far off, in the exact center of the Land of Oz. The only way to get there is to hike along the road paved with yellow bricks.” Then the Witch of the North kissed Dorothy on the forehead, leaving a shiny, round mark. “This kiss,” the good Witch explained, “will forestall any injuries and protect you from harm during your travels.”

Chapter 3 “The Scarecrow”

Dorothy went back inside her house to prepare for the long journey. But suddenly feeling hungry and thirsty, she took Toto outside with her to a little brook that flowed behind the house. There she filled a pail with cool, clear water. While drinking it she spotted some savory-looking fruit, hanging like so many colored pendants from a nearby branch. As ambrosial as the fruit tasted, she judiciously ate only until she was pleasantly sated. With such a long walk facing her, she knew that she had to avoid the uncomfortable, sick feeling a surfeit of eating would surely cause.

Now it was time to dress for her trip. Dorothy was not a vain little girl, so she never wasted time primping or preening. She had one other dress to wear, a blue-and-white checkered gingham frock, which she donned unceremoniously. Then, spying her old, lackluster shoes, she quickly grabbed the shiny Silver Shoes the Witch of the North had given her. These fit as if they had been made for her. And so, with her hunger appeased and thirst slaked, and with a fresh change of clothes, shiny, magical, new Shoes, and a protective kiss on her forehead, one guaranteed

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