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"Enough of your story!” cried the man angrily. “I wasted ten cents on you, and I want restitution!” He thought for a moment and then continued, “I know what I'll do. I'll take you back to the marketplace and sell you as firewood.”

“Then sell me. I don't mind,” said Pinocchio. But as he spoke, he gave a quick leap and dove into the sea. Swimming away as fast as he could, he cried out, laughing, “Good-bye. If you ever need a skin for your drum, remember me.”

He swam on and on. In a little while he had gone so far that he could hardly be seen. All that could be seen of him on the shimmering blue surface of the water was a swiftly moving black dot—a tiny black dot that now and then lifted a leg or an arm into the air.

After swimming for a long time, Pinocchio saw a large rock in the middle of the sea. High on the rock stood a little goat who was signaling to the puppet to come to her.

There was something very strange about that little goat. Her coat was not white or black or brown like that of any other goat, but blue—a deep, brilliant blue like that of the hair of the good fairy!

Pinocchio's heart beat fast, and then even faster, until he could feel the blood pulsating through his wooden veins. He swam as hard as he could toward the rock. He was halfway there when he saw, hurtling towards him in the water, a huge shark with an enormous head. It's mammoth mouth, wide open, showed three rows of razor-sharp teeth.

Poor Pinocchio! The sight of that titanic creature frightened him half to death! He tried to swim away from it, to change his path, to escape, but that gigantic, gaping mouth kept coming nearer and nearer.

“Hurry, Pinocchio, I beg you!” called the little goat on the high rock.

And Pinocchio swam desperately with his arms, his body, his legs, his feet.

“Quick, Pinocchio, the monster's coming closer!”

Pinocchio swam faster and faster, and harder and harder.

“Faster, Pinocchio! The monster will get you! There he is! There he is! Quick, quick, or you're finished!”

Pinocchio swam through the water like a shot—faster and faster. He came very close to the rock. The goat leaned over and held out one of her hoofs to help him up out of the water. Another hoof she waved frantically as a decoy to divert the attention of the attacker.

But it was too late. Pinocchio found himself between the rows of teeth. The shark took a deep breath and, as he breathed, he sucked the puppet in. Then he swallowed so

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