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and, opening his arms wide, he threw them around the old man's neck.

“Oh, Father, dear Father! Have I found you at last? I'll never, never leave you again!”

“Are my eyes deceiving me?” answered the old man, rubbing them with both hands. “Are you really my dear Pinocchio?”

“Yes, yes, yes! It is I! Look at me! And you've forgiven me, haven't you? Oh, my dear Father, how good you are! And to think that I…Oh, but if you only knew all that has happened to me! If you only knew of the atrocities I've been subjected to! The day you sold your old coat to buy me my schoolbook, I ran away to a marionette theater, and the owner caught me and wanted to make a fire of me to cook his lamb chop! He was the one who gave me five gold pieces for you, but I met the fox and the cat, who took me to the Red Lobster Inn. There they ate like pigs and I left the inn alone and I met the killers in the woods. I ran and they ran after me. They caught me and hung me from the branch of a giant oak tree. Then the blue-haired fairy sent the coach to rescue me, and the doctors, after looking at me, said, ‘If he's not dead, then he's surely alive,' and then I told a lie and my nose began to grow. It grew and grew until I couldn't get it through the door of the room. And then I went with the fox and the cat to the Field of Wonders to bury the gold pieces. The parrot laughed at me and, instead of two thousand gold pieces, I found none. When the judge heard my story, he summarily sent me to jail. And when I left the prison I saw a bunch of grapes hanging on a vine. The trap caught me and the farmer put a collar on me and forced me to be his watchdog. But I caught the weasels and he let me go. The snake with the smoking tail started to laugh and burst a blood vessel, so I went back to the fairy's house. She was dead, and the pigeon, seeing me crying, told me that you were going to traverse the seas so that you could look for me in distant lands. And I said to him, ‘Oh, if I only had wings!' And he said to me, ‘Do you want to go to your father?' And I said, ‘Yes, but how?' And he said, ‘Get on my back; I'll take you there.' We flew all night, and the next morning

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