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“Of course.”

“Good. Now hurry to my fairy. And remember, I expect you back in two days. By then I should have some more pennies! Oh…one more thing. If fifty cents isn't enough to pay for the medicine, try to borrow the difference from anyone you can. The main thing is that you have to get that medicine one way or another. Just tell whoever lends you the extra money that I promise to reimburse him as soon as I can. Now hurry!”

The little spiral-shelled courier, energized by the urgency of his task, began to run!

When Pinocchio returned home, his father asked him, “Where are your new clothes?”

“I couldn't find any that fit. I'll have to look again some other day.”

That night, Pinocchio, instead of working until nine o'clock, worked until midnight, and instead of making four baskets, made eight. If the increased workload infringed on his free time, he didn't complain.

After that he neatly put away all his basketry paraphernalia and went to bed.

As he slept, he dreamt of his fairy, beautiful, smiling, and happy, who kissed him and said, “My dear Pinocchio! In reward for your exemplary conduct and conspicuous valor, I absolve you of all your misdeeds. Children who love their parents and take good care of them when they're old and sick are worthy of praise and love. Continue to be good, and you will be happy.”

At that moment Pinocchio awoke, full of amazement. He was astonished to find, on looking himself over, that he was no longer a puppet, but a real live boy! He flexed his arm a few times and watched in wonder as his muscles contracted and relaxed. Then he looked around, and instead of the usual walls of straw, he found himself in a beautifully decorated little room, the prettiest he'd ever seen. In an instant, he jumped down from his bed to look on the chair. There he found a new suit, a new hat, and a new pair of shoes.

As soon as he was dressed, he put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a change purse. On it was written: “The fairy with blue hair returns fifty cents to her dear Pinocchio with many thanks for his kind heart.” He opened the purse to find the money, but instead of finding fifty cents, he found fifty gold coins!

Pinocchio ran to the mirror. He hardly recognized himself. The bright face of a tall boy with dark brown hair looked at him with alert blue eyes and happy, smiling lips.

With all these miracles, Pinocchio could scarcely apprehend what was taking place. He rubbed his eyes two or three times and pinched himself to make

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